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Amazing Fudge at Cumberland Caverns

The Secret to Amazing Fudge…Waits Below!

When you think of Cumberland Caverns, you don’t typically think of a candy shop! However, as soon as you take your first bite of our amazing fudge, you’ll find out one more reason why we’re on the map!

Few people know the secret to amazing fudge, but here at Cumberland Caverns it’s a given! We make our fudge in a cave, literally. With the temperature at a constant 56 degrees and 99% humidity, the conditions, for creating this sweet treat, are absolutely perfect 365 days a year!

Fun Fact: Pictured above is Lewis Lamon, a man who knows the secret to amazing fudge and amazing adventures! Lewis and his father, Lewis Sr., discovered what is now known as “Lamon’s Loop” walking trail. This trail which you can now experience yourself, to both the Ten Acre Room and the Hall of the Mountain King.

Vacation Guide

Middle, Tennessee Area Vacation Resources

When planning a day trip or vacation to the Cumberland Caverns area, consider visiting our friends and neighbors in McMinnville and the surrounding area.


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Adventure Trips

Adventure enthusiasts bring your flashlight and an enthusiastic spirit.

Cumberland Caverns

Cumberland Caverns Adventure Trips

Our Spelunking Adventures will expand your imagination and caving experience through crawls and climbs, ladders and ledges, plus tight squeezes and muddy messes. Reservations are required for weekday visits. These tours must be booked at least 10 days in advance and require a minimum of 10 people per group.

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Birthday Parties

Birthday’s at Cumberland Caverns are more than just a party, they are an adventure!

Kids of all ages, adults too, can celebrate their special day and enjoy the sights and sounds of the cave. All Cave Party Packages feature a special candlelit tour into the Ten-Acre Room. It is an exciting moment when all the candles are blown out!

Each package includes a variety of options and choices, including an overnight stay! Choose the one that fits your schedule and budget. Contact us to make your reservation.

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Things To Know

Our staff will assist you in bringing party supplies, decorations, food, and presents into the party cave prior to guests’ arrival. We will then lead you and your group to the Volcano Room. Your personal cave guide will stay with you the entire time and, depending on the package you choose, guide your party through the Cumberland Caverns caving experience!

Cumberland Caverns is a most unique and memorable birthday party venue – at ANY age.  Our Cave Party Packages are appropriate for adult birthday parties and teenager birthdays too!