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Todd Snider With Special Guest, Elizabeth Cook – Aug. 4

Todd Snider With Elizabeth Cook at Cumberland Caverns Live

Cumberland Caverns Live Welcomes Todd Snider with special guest, Elizabeth Cook

Performing in the World-Famous Volcano Room on Saturday, Aug. 4 at 3 p.m.

East Nashville Singer/Songwriter Todd Snider is announcing some new dates for his current tour, including a stop in the World Famous Volcano Room on Saturday, August 4th at 3 p.m. CST. Elizabeth Cook will open up the show.

“On this tour, I am coming to town with nothing but my guitar and stories like the old days. You know…pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little cheap cheap cheap talk a lot pick a little more. And not to brag, but I also wrote a book that everybody loves so I am an author now. plus I play everywhere, pretty much all the time everybody shows up and they pretty much always love it.”

Todd Snider

Elizabeth Cook – “Exodus of Venus”

Elizabeth Cook didn’t quite know what she was doing. But she knew there were songs, and they had to get out. Six years since her critically acclaimed Welder, as well as much personal tumult, there were songs that needed to be born.

“If anything, (Exodus) is a pledge of allegiance for the bad girls and the Homecoming Queens who got caught in a scandal. It’s a bill of rights and a testimony for those good girls who got away with more than they should have. I’m slow, and getting slower,” laughs the lanky blond, unapologetically. “I’m taking my time, really drilling down. There were nine versions of ‘Methadone Blues.’ I’ve never done that before. I love that entrenchment and dedication – and I wasn’t going to do any less than what needed to be done.”

From Dexter Green’s (also the album’s producer) opening electric guitar, equal parts foreboding and fraught, “Exodus of Venus” hurls a churlish witness to erotic upheaval and the drives that subsume our best notions. “Exodus” is an exhortation of sexual surrender that pushes past the brink of reason.

For fans of the Florida-born’n’raised Cook, a Grand Ole Opry regular, SiriusXM Outlaw Country hostess and David Letterman favorite, Exodus of Venus will be something of a shock. If she maintains the tang of her drawl, what emerges – beyond Cook’s always vibrant and vivid sense of detail – is a song cycle soaked in turpentine, musk and honey.

Elizabeth Cook

World Famous Volcano Room

This legendary room 333’ below the surface, has caught the attention of the music industry and entire world for its near-perfect acoustics presented with a backdrop of amazing formations and unsurpassed beauty.

Get More Caving Fun

333 Exploration Tour Package – $15*
Want to explore Cumberland Caverns beyond the Volcano Room? Add the 333 Exploration Tour Package and come early for this hour-long pre-show tour that will take you to seven different parts of Cumberland Caverns. Get a bird’s eye view of the World Famous Volcano Room from high atop the balcony. Make the most of your time with us with this exciting caving adventure on concert day! This $21 value can be yours for only $15* when purchased with your Cumberland Caverns Live concert ticket.

*333 Exploration Tour Ticket does not act as a concert ticket. Cumberland Caverns will not allow access into the Volcano Room during the concert unless you have a separate ticket for that show. Special rate available only when purchased with a concert ticket. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

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New Guided Hiking Adventure – Apple Brandy Trail

Apple Brandy Trail

Now Offering Guided Outdoor Hikes

The Apple Brandy Trail opens across Cardwell Mountain

Cumberland Caverns is known as the place “where adventures run deep,” but beginning May 5 guests will also be taken to great heights when the Apple Brandy Trail opens to the public. The all-new guided outdoor hike will take explorers ages 10 and up on a 2.5-mile moderate intensity trek across Cardwell Mountain. During this hiking excursion, groups will be immersed in nature and entertained and delighted by the history, legends, and secrets of the area.

“People visit Cumberland Caverns from all over the world and are fascinated by the stories and natural beauty of our location. We have been looking at ways to utilize more of our property to offer guests a broader experience and more reasons to stay and play in Warren County. Cardwell Mountain has been such an important part of this community, we knew we had to honor the land by telling her story to the world.” -Robby Black, General Manager

Most people know Warren County as the Nursery Capital of the World, but few know that the local economy staple took root on this very mountain with the thriving peach and apple orchards that grew here. Farmers, looking for a way to utilize and preserve their fruit crops, began what would become a very prosperous endeavor for many years to come making brandy. Therefore, the Apple Brandy Trail got its name from the apple and peach brandy trade in the 1800’s.

On this incredible journey, groups will learn about various other caves located on the property, Native American folklore, area wildlife and foliage, as well as various other facts and oddities of the mountain and its settlers.

“Some of the most intriguing aspects about this hike for me are the legends, stories, and artifacts left behind by the Native Americans who centuries ago called these woods home. And of course, the link we have to the Trail of Tears is both fascinating and heartbreaking. We know of at least one Indian Marker Tree located on our property which is a very exciting discovery.” Kelly Roberts, Marketing Director

Apple Brandy Trail hikes are currently being offered by reservation only. Later in the year, Cumberland Caverns will open another portion of land for guided nature hikes for school children and groups of all ages.

“We are hoping the addition of these trails and nature walks will encourage families to get out in nature and spend quality time connecting with one another by discovering and learning together. Quality time strengthens bonds and not only that but also provides numerous benefits to our health as well.” Kelly Roberts, Marketing Director

Whether you go 333’ below or 1300’ above, your adventure is waiting at Cumberland Caverns!