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Adventure #8: Higgenbotham’s Revenge Overnight

Challenging Overnight Caving Adventure

Difficulty Level: Challenging
Time: Overnight
Age Requirement: 11 and up
Plan Ahead: 10 Days Notice Required

  • Price: $47.00
    *Ages 11 and up
    *Minimum 10 or more people
  • All Overnight Adventures require advance notice of 10 days or more.
    The date chosen, does NOT guarantee availability until Cumberland Caverns has reviewed and confirmed your order with you.
    If the date you desire is unavailable please call (931) 668-4396 for assistance.
  • Check In Times Are As Follows:
    5:30 PM. CST – Saturday and Sunday ONLY
    6:30 PM. CST – Monday - Friday
  • Please enter a number from 10 to 250.
    Minimum 10 people, minimum 10 day notice, minimum age 11 years old.
  • $0.00
    *Total does not include tax.
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Higgenbotham’s Revenge – Overnight Spelunking (Caving)

Higgenbotham’s Revenge – Overnight Spelunking Adventure

Higgenbotham’s Revenge – Overnight Adventure Tour is recommended for experienced explorers and thrill seekers in good shape.

Difficulty Level: Challenging
Time: Overnight
Age Requirement: 11 and up
Plan Ahead: 10 Days Notice Required

What To Expect:
Follow the historic route of the discoverer, Aaron Higgenbotham. The tour begins with a 1½ mile hike to the Higgenbotham Entrance. You will encounter narrow passageways, ladders (some up to 20 feet high) and muddy trails. Experience the passageways that are said to have “turned Higgenbotham’s hair white” before he made it out. Plus spend the night underground, just like Aaron himself, when you camp out in the 10-Acre Room. Of course, unlike Aaron, you’ll have all the comforts a true caveman/cavewoman would expect, including fully functional underground restroom facilities. In the morning your group will be treated to a continental breakfast in the cave.

The Daily Walking Tour is also included in this Overnight experience.


  • A hike through the beautiful hills of Tennessee.
  • 5:30 PM. CST – Check In Saturday and Sunday ONLY
  • 6:30 PM. CST – Check In Monday – Friday ONLY
  • Ladders in the Caverns: If you think you climbed some ladders in “Rocky Topper” just wait till you see the ladders in this adventure!
  • See the room and ledge where Aaron Higgenbotham spent 3 frightful days and nights.


  • Higgenbotham’s Revenge Adventure Tour
  • Daily Walking Tour
  • Sleep Inside the Cave
  • Breakfast the Next Morning

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