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Parts Unknown – Spelunking (Caving)

Difficulty Level: Challenging
Time: 4 Hours
Age Requirement: 16 and up
Plan Ahead: 10 Days Notice Required


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    Minimum age 16 years old.
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Product Description

Parts Unknown Spelunking  (Caving) Adventure #6

Extreme Caving

For Small Groups of 2-14 people, this premium spelunking adventure involves high climbs, ladders, ropes, and a lot of guts. (You provide the guts). We only take explorers ages 16 and up, and only in small groups of 2-14 people.

Difficulty Level: Challenging
Time: 4 Hours

What To Expect:
This intense spelunking tour leads you to a site that few get to witness in person, The Monument Pillar! Recommended for experienced explorers and thrill seekers in good shape.


  • Crossing the infamous Devil’s Quarry
  • A high, twisting rock climb leading to The Monument Pillar
  • A possible side trip to the Waterfall Room
  • A winding canyon passage
  • Crevasses
  • The Ten Acre Room

A stroll through the darkness of the Ten Acre Room leads you to the beginning of this caving adventure.  You will begin your adventure by crossing the infamous “Devil’s Quarry.” This labyrinth of break-down and boulders is just to let you know this is definitively not a trip for the beginning caver. By the time you reach “The Isle of Confusion” you will be ready for a rest, but the adventure is far from over. Some of the most beautiful passages in Cumberland Caverns lay ahead.

A high, twisting rock climb leads you to the grand prize of this trip. You will be one of the few lucky enough to get to see “The Monument Pillar.” This formation has been described as the most beautiful single formation ever seen. You will be glad you brought your camera for this rare and beautiful site. Make some memories and take lost of cave photos to show your friends and family.

If you have enough energy, your guide may take you on a side trip to the Waterfall Room. This large breakdown room is a great place to relax and listen to the water as you prepare for the last leg of the trip.

A winding canyon passage leads you again to the Devils Quarry. But you still have to make it to the other side! Climbing rocks and stepping over crevasses, you will need that last bit of energy to make it back to the Ten Acre Room.