Christian Tours at Cumberland Caverns

Bible-based, Christian tours any Monday thru Saturday

Cumberland Caverns is a wonderful testament of God’s earthly creation and all of the beauty it bestows.

We are proud to offer this Bible-based, Christian tour any Monday – Saturday.

This extended 2-hour tour showcases the cave’s greatest formations and largest rooms.  Your knowledgeable guide, a local Pastor brought in exclusively for your tour, shares biblical stories related to caves in the Bible and the “living stones” that are inside Cumberland Caverns.

Plus, enjoy the unique and beautiful “Creation Pageant” light and sound show, a retelling of creation, before the Christian tours concludes with a special candlelight devotional titled “Walking in the Light, as He is in the Light.”

Cumberland Caverns

Cumberland Caverns - Discover Caving in Tennessee

Tour Pricing

*20 People Minimum
Adults $25 
Children 6-12 $25 
Children 5 & Under FREE!