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**Applies to School Groups of 30+ Attendees

Planning an Educational Field Trip to Cumberland Caverns?

There is a lot to explore and learn about inside as well as outside Cumberland Caverns. You may be looking to sharpen up your class on test practice items in geology, science, or history. Or, you could be looking for a fun curriculum-based field trip. We have lots of tour options to choose from and your class will leave with memories to last a lifetime.

Inside the cave:

Saltpeter Room- Used for mine saltpeter during the War of 1812 and The Civil War

History & Geology: This is part of all our educational field trips. Students will see artifacts from the Civil War. They will learn about saltpeter mining and the manufacturing of gun powder. Our cave wildlife is described and you may even see a blind, albino crawfish, little brown bats, or cave crickets. Students are shown and taught the names of various cave formations while observing how the water and rock cycle combined to create the caverns. This part of the tour lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.




Chandelier hanging high above the Volcano Room 333′ underground.

Lunch in the Volcano Room: This is a favorite part of all field trips to Cumberland Caverns. Students bring their own sack-lunches and dine under our beautiful 3/4 ton crystal chandelier. Please have your lunches clearly marked and separated by class and we will transport those to the cave for you. We generally allow about 30 minutes for lunch.






Mountain Room & Light Show: Many groups say this is their favorite part of the tour. If you have time, the trip across the mountain room is well worth the effort. Your class will see some of the largest formations Cumberland Caverns has to offer and be treated to a unique sound and light show. If your group is interested in a poetic retelling of the creation story light show, please request that option when reserving your tour. Crossing the Mountain Room will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Which tour best suits your class?

Below you will find a brief description of the various educational tours we have to offer at Cumberland Caverns. Tours start at $8 for children and $14 for parents. Teachers are always admitted free with their class of 20 or more students. Download our flyer for a complete listing of tours, pricing, and additional activities available for you and your group at the cave.

CST-Cathedral School Tour

Cathedral School Tour (CST) is the full tour of the lit portions of Cumberland Caverns. Your students will hear the History and GeologyTour. You will also cross over the Mountain Room to experience our famous light and sound show. Tour takes approximately 3-3.5 hours to complete.


Geology and More (GMST) is a shorter cave tour in which you will hear and see the History and Geology tour of the caverns and also have lunch in the Volcano Room. This tour does not include crossing the Mountain Room or the light and sound show. Tour takes approximately 2-2.5 hours to complete.

SCST-Spirits of the CavernsTour

Spirits of the Caverns Tour (SCST) not only allows you experience the History and Geology Tour of the cave, but you will be treated to a candle-lit tour into the unlit portions of the cave and hear the story of a famous Cumberland Caverns ghost. Spooky fun for everyone! Tour takes approximately 3-3.5 hours to complete.


The Gems Tour (GST) includes the history and geology tour of the cave and lunch in the Volcano Room. Additionally, each student will receive one bag of gem-mine dirt which has several different varieties of gems and minerals. Tour and gem mining take approximately 3-3.5 hours to complete.

FST-Fossils Tour

Fossil Tour (FST), just like the Gems Tour, includes History and Geology. However, instead of gems, your students will find in their mining several fossils including corals, shark teeth, amber, and petrified wood. Tour and fossil mining take approximately 3-3.5 hours to complete.

DAC-Day at the Cave Tour

Our Day at the Cave Tour (DAC) is for the teacher who wants an entire day of fun at an incredible price. We are offering all our educational field trip options in one, super-big, double-decker, extra-large tour. Tour and activities take approximately 5-5.5 hours to complete.




Are you looking to take your class on a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

Spelunking Adventure Tours: For something different, Cumberland Caverns offers wild-caving for your class or homeschool group. Adventure trips take you off the commercial path where you will crawl, climb, and squeeze your way through some of the most beloved areas of the cave. Adventure Trips, great for confidence and team building, are offered during the day or for a real treat, you can spend the night in the cave! Pricing for explorers ages 6 and up starts at $40 per person.

  • Hiking through “wild” portions of the cave
  • Climbing ladders
  • Climbing over rocks
  • Crawling on your hands and knees (some belly crawling)
  • Sloshing through the mud in Bubble Gum Alley
Glittering Pass
Spelunking Tour (ages 6 and up)


Other activities to explore during your visit:

Gem & Fossil Mining: Pan for semi-precious stones in our ALL NEW mining sluice! Rock, mineral, and fossil identification becomes a fun activity for your students when you let them make their own discoveries. This program includes one bag of pre-seeded gem-mix and one identification card for each student. Each bag contains several different varieties of gems and takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

ALL NEW Nature Walk to the Cave: Are you looking to expand on your day at the cave to include a little more time learning about nature? Cumberland Caverns is introducing a BRAND NEW nature walk to the cave entrance in the Fall of 2018 for school students. This journey is a hands-on approach to learning about the great outdoors which takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete. The nature walk is offered in addition to one of our caving exploration packages and is led by one of our well-trained guides. During the mini hike, students will learn about local wildlife, plants, trees, and even walk over the entrance of Cumberland Caverns for the full experience of what it means to go inside a mountain.

BRAND NEW Apple Brandy Trail Guided Hike (ages 10 and up): On this incredible 2.5 mile/2.5 hour journey across Cardwell Mtn., groups will learn about various other caves located on the property, Native American folklore/ The Trail of Tears, area wildlife and foliage, as well as various other facts and oddities of the mountain and its previous settlers. Along the way, hikers stop, rest, and refuel by the flowing spring at Bigbee’s Bridge. Guests need only to bring their love of nature and a good pair of hiking shoes for the journey.





What to Wear

Cumberland Caverns is a cool 56 degrees year-round with 99% humidity. We recommend wearing comfortable, durable clothing that you’re not afraid to get a little dirty. Wear long pants, and dress in layers. A t-shirt and sweatshirt usually work best. All explorers are required to wear lace-up shoes or boots. [/expand]


Advance reservations are required at least 10 days in advance. Dates in April and May fill up quickly. Please call 931-668-4396 9AM-5PM for questions or to book your field trip. These offers apply to public and private schools with 30 or more field trip attendees. One teacher gets in free for every 20 children.

Operating Hours

Cumberland Caverns is open year round with the exception of the following holidays and special events:

  • Closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Thanksgiving Day
  • Open after 1 PM (CST) on Easter