Legacy Tour – Daytime Caving Tour

Difficulty Level: Extreme
Time: 4-6 Hours
Age Requirement: 16 and up (Valid ID Required For Proof of Age At Check-In)
Group Size: For Groups of 2 to 14
Plan Ahead: 10-day Advance Reservations Required

Cost: $125 per person

What To Expect:
A once in a lifetime wild caving experience.

A stroll through the darkness of the Ten Acre Room leads you to the beginning of our most extreme caving adventure. You will begin your adventure by crossing the infamous “Devil’s Quarry.” This labyrinth of break-down and boulders is just to let you know this is definitively not a trip for the beginning caver. By the time you reach “The Isle of Confusion,” you will be ready for a rest, but the adventure is far from over. Some of the most beautiful passages in Cumberland Caverns lay ahead.

Traversing up and down handlines, climbing over boulders, navigating passages, and scaling the tallest ladder in the cave will lead you to passages not seen by the public before. You will experience dissolved limestone in Blue Mud Mountain, witness 20,000-year-old Lynx bones, and stand, where legendary cavers once stood before, at the incredible “Rock of Ages” monument. The Grand Extension, which leads to the third largest room in the cave-the Grand Hall, will leave you in awe at the vast void underneath Cardwell Mountain.

Rock of Ages

This premium spelunking adventure involves high climbs, ladders, ropes, and traversing handlines. We only take explorers ages 16 and up, and only in small groups of 2-14 people.


  • Passages not seen by the public before
  • Grand Hall
  • Great Extension
  • Crossing the infamous Devil’s Quarry
  • A high, twisting rock climb leading to The Monument Pillar
  • Blue Mud Mountain
  • 20,000-year-old Lynx bones
  • Tallest ladder climb in the cave
  • Rock of Ages
  • Handlines
  • A winding canyon passage
  • Crevasses

Information & Booking

Call 931-668-4396