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Dollywood and Cumberland Caverns Team Up for Savings

Special Offer From Dollywood and Cumberland Caverns

The hills of Tennessee are coming alive with entertainment and excitement in 2017 as Dollywood and Cumberland Caverns team up to bring you savings on family fun and adventure. Nothing says ‘Tennessee’ more than these two treasures, and this year you can save up to $20 at the theme park and up to $12 at the cave when you present your season pass or ticket stubs.

How It Works

Bring your Dollywood Season Pass to the cave and receive $2 off an adult admission or $1 off a child’s admission for our Daily Walking Tour. On the tour, you will be entertained by the history of our cave and enchanted by a beautiful world hidden just beneath your feet. Daily Walking Tours leave out every hour on the hour from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. CST

Take your Cumberland Caverns ticket stub to Dollywood and enjoy $5 off your daily park admission. The theme park launched their 2017 season on March 18 with great music and food, exciting rides and attractions, and lots of festivals and events.
Learn more at

What You Need To Know

Dollywood Offer:
Offer: $5 OFF One-Day Admission Ticket
Timing: Valid any operating day during the 2017 season.
Restrictions: Limit 4 one-day admission tickets each visit. Tickets can be upgraded to a Season Pass day of visit ONLY.

Cumberland Caverns Offer:
Offer: $2 off Adult and $1 off Child Admission for the Daily Walking Tour
Timing: Valid any operating day in 2017 (Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and open at 1:00 p.m. on Easter Day)
Restrictions: Limit 6 Admissions

Cumberland Caverns-where adventures run deep!

Cave Life March 2017

2017 March Newsletter Sally the Salamander

Welcome to the first edition of Cumberland Caverns “Cave Life” Newsletter.

A US National Natural Landmark located in McMinnville, Tennessee, Cumberland Caverns was discovered in 1810 by a land surveyor named Aaron Higgenbotham. Since then, the cave has been an important part of not only the history of Warren County, but also the War of 1812 and the Civil War, by the mining of saltpeter-which is used in the production of gunpowder.

In early years, the cave was a hot spot for hay wagon parties and an unofficial meeting place for the community. In 1956, fueled by the dream of Tank Gorin, Roy Davis, and A.W. Powell, Cumberland Caverns opened its doors to the public. The first years were slow, only seeing approximately 500 guests per year, but with the addition of several adventure tours, concerts, specials, and caveman campouts (that’s right, you can sleep in our cave), the attendance soared to over 52K in 2016.

The Underground

In 2008, Todd Mayo visited the cave with his family and upon crossing the balcony overlooking the Volcano Room lit by a massive antique crystal chandelier, he envisioned a grand concert hall filled with people and incredible music. He, along with his business partner Todd Jerrell, began producing an Emmy Award winning concert series shown on PBS from 333’ below. “Bluegrass Underground” and “Live from the Underground” offers not only the best in Bluegrass, but appeals to everyone with a wide range of Country, Americana, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Blues and everything in between. Concerts are held monthly and a listing of shows and more info can be found on their website at:

Bring your family and friends to experience what others from all 50 states and 19 different countries already know there is something magical about Cumberland Caverns!


Cumberland Caverns is now offering two of our most popular adventures as overnight excursions:

Higgenbotham’s Revenge (ages 12 and up) and Parts Unknown (ages 16 and up). Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary when you take on one of our overnight Caveman Campouts. We have combined extreme hiking with underground camping for exciting adventures you and your crew will be talking about for years to come.

Whether you are looking for an escape or want to test your abilities, we have a spelunking trek that is just right for you. Call us today at 931-668-4396 and let us book the adventure of a lifetime for your group.





Bluegrass Underground

  • March 24, 25, 26 – Season VII Taping
  • April 8 – The Larry Keel Experience & Rumpke Mountain Boys
  • April 22 – Dale Ann Bradley w/SHEL

Charity Events

  • April 1 – BIG SMO w/Hayden Carpenter for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital


  • Rocky Topper every Saturday at 1:00 CST No reservation required.
Cave Life Feature

Going Batty at The Cave

Approximately 1500 little brown bats (scientific name: Myotis lucifugus) make Cumberland Caverns their home. Typically, bats live in areas of the cave that are not frequented by guests, but we do have a few who like to hang around on the rock ledges and overhangs of the Daily Walking Tour trail.

Our bats grow to about 3.5” and weigh about 1/4 of an ounce. Not only are they small, but they often blend in with the cave walls and go virtually unnoticed. Sometimes, you will see one fly high above the chandelier of the Volcano Room, but don’t worry, they are harmless and never come into contact with the humans below.

Bats are very important part of the ecosystem. They are the primary predators of night flying insects and studies suggest they consume 70% of their body weight each evening. That’s approximately 1000 insects per hour and nursing mothers can eat upwards of 4000 bugs per hour! Bats are also beneficial in pollination and seed dispersal. Most people think that only birds and bees aid in pollination, but bats are the nightshift of the operation.

If you see bats around your home, have no fear; contrary to the urban myths, bats aren’t looking to take a bite out of you, they are just searching for a safe and warm place to call home.

Bat Facts

  • Bats have excellent eyesight.
  • No vampire bats live in the United States.
  • Some bats hibernate for the winter, but can survive freezing temperatures-even after being encased in ice!
  • Bats typically only have one baby a year and they can distinguish their pup from thousands, even millions of others, by the way it sounds and smells.
  • Bat droppings (guano) are one of the richest sources of fertilizer.
  • The largest bat is the “flying fox” that lives on the islands of the South Pacific. Their wing span can reach up to 6 feet.
  • The smallest bat is the bumble bee bat of Thailand, which is smaller than a thumbnail and weighs less than a penny.


Spring Break – Extraordinary Escape!

Spring Break at Cumberland Caverns

Make An Extraordinary Escape During Your Spring Break To Cumberland Caverns!

Are you looking for an escape this spring break, but don’t want to venture too far from home? If so, Cumberland Caverns has the perfect getaway just waiting for you and your family in the heart of Middle Tennessee.

Join us on one of our Daily Walking Tours, book an exciting Adventure Tour, or spend the night in the cave on a Caveman Campout. Is outdoor hiking on your bucket list this season? The beautiful Trail of Tears, located on Cumberland Caverns property, offers a 5 mile trek up the mountain and is accessible 7 days a week.

If you are looking to extend your stay, check out these great attractions within 30 minutes of the cavern: Smooth Rapids Kayak Rental, Fall Creek Falls and Rock Island State Parks, ISHA, and don’t forget to visit our picturesque downtown McMinnville where the community’s rich history comes alive.

Come visit for the day or stay for the week. There’s always plenty of outdoor activities, fresh air, and beautiful landscapes to make your spring break into a memory to last a lifetime.

Cumberland Caverns-where adventures run deep!

Big Smo Concert Benefiting Children’s Hospital

Benefit Concert Featuring Big Smo On April 1, 2017

Big Smo, along with Haden Carpenter, will perform at Cumberland Caverns for a benefit concert for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. The benefit concert is for all ages, so please join Big Smo, Haden Carpenter, and all of us in helping make this one of the most memorable benefits ever; help us give back to the ones who have helped millions.

Event Information

April 1, 2017
12 pm – 3 pm CST

Children Tickets (12 and under) – $15
Adult Tickets – $30

About Big Smo

As an artist, Big Smo lays down epic rhymes that challenge listeners to party when they can, to champion the values on which they were (or should have been) raised, to look straight into the eyes of life, to laugh and love and even get angry every once in awhile if that helps make things right.

About Haden Carpenter

Haden Carpenter was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. His musical journey began by singing in an Ozark Mountain church which led him to Memphis, Tennessee to study music in 2001. In Memphis, Haden honed his sound inspired by artists Otis Redding, Al Green, Booker T, Steve Earle, Don Williams, John Prine, and Stevie Wonder. After graduation he moved east to Nashville in 2008, and started writing and performing on a regular basis. In 2012, Haden joined the band of Warner Nashville recording artist Big SMO and has been touring with him as primary vocalist and guitar player, as well as being the opening act on several tour stops.

Event Contact
Jamie Brock at (931) 314-4584

*Sponsors: All sponsors will have their name with their logo on a banner that will be displayed the day of the benefit
*Donations: Donations that are $250 or more will receive 2 free tickets to the event. Donations that are $500 will receive 4 free tickets to the event.
*Meet and greet after the benefit concert*

Bluegrass Underground Taping March 24-25-26

Regular Cave Operations Suspended During Bluegrass Underground Taping – March 24-25-26

Bluegrass Underground at Cumberland Caverns

Cumberland Caverns will be closed for regular operations March 24, 25, and 26, 2017 as we host the upcoming seventh season taping of PBS’s Emmy Award Winning Bluegrass Underground concert series.

During the Bluegrass Underground taping weekend we will not offer the following:

  • Daily Walking Tours
  • Adventure Tours
  • Caveman Campouts

We are sorry if this causes any disruption to your spring break visit to the cave. This decision comes to better serve our valued guests with a more enjoyable experience without the large crowds and disruptions in tours.

Bluegrass Underground Ticket Holders

Tickets holders for March 24, 25, and 26 concerts, please see Bluegrass Underground for pre-show tour times, as they will continue as scheduled.

Thank you for choosing Cumberland Caverns as your vacation destination.

Cumberland Caverns-where adventures run deep!