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Overnight Tour

Muddy Mayhem

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Time: Overnight

Age Requirement: 6+

Group Size : Groups of 10+

Remember that backyard tarp slip-n-slide your dad set up for you circa 2000?

You’ll find something similar on this underground route. Just hold the soapy water — and add a whole bunch of mud.

It’s survival of the squeeziest down here on Muddy Mayhem. The twists, turns, and tight passageways will work in your favor, as you plant your heels into the soft earth and feel the cool, rock walls underneath your fingertips.

Be sure to pack your sleeping gear. This muddy adventure will keep you underground ‘til morning.

  • Illuminated rock formations inside the caverns
  • Woman climbing up rocks inside the caverns
  • Young boy climbing up a ladder on a hiking tour and smiling at the camera

Physical Expectations

3/4 of a mile
  • Tight squeezes (must fit through a 12″x33″ space) and crawling in mud, several short ladder climbs- perfect for kiddos!
  • Gloves, sturdy hiking shoes and long pants REQUIRED!
  • Bring a change of clothes for after!
  • This tour seems to be easier for kids than adults!

Tour Highlights:

  • Unsurpassed underground sights and formations
  • Stunning gypsum crystals
  • Muddy passages
  • Experience the famous Lemon Squeezer and Bubblegum Alley
  • Discovery Walking Tour
  • Sleep inside the cave
  • Breakfast the next morning


$68 per person.

10 person minimum. No large group discounts (Overnights are only for big groups)

Smaller groups call to add to nights where minimum has already been met.

MINIMUM 10-day advance reservation, or call 931-668-4396 ext 100 to see if there is still room to hop on a an overnight adventure this week!

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*Private tour times will be decided at booking

All tours are non-refundable