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Curiosity Runs Deep

Cultivate your spirit of adventure

Journey 333 feet below in McMinnville, Tn

Let’s go back to simpler days; the days when schoolless, barefoot, popsicle-dripping summers opened up your busy 10-year-old schedule for far more important tasks. Tasks that involved riding with your neighbourhood bicycle gang to places no other kid had ever discovered. After a long day of exploring, you burst through the back door, just in time for dinner, coated in mud, scrapes, and a gleaming badge of honor, symbolizing that you finally found the perfect location for the secret fort. You were an early explorer. And you finally made your mark. Rediscover that feeling in McMinnville, TN, where, once again, you’ll make your mark.

"Visiting Cumberland Caverns was a much better experience than I was expecting. It actually started as we drove up to an orderly parking lot that was beautifully landscaped with flowering shrubbery and a beautiful fountain. The building where we checked in was also very pleasant and the young lady working at the desk was professional and gave good instructions. We were required to watch a short video before the tour began and it was well made. Our guide Vera did a very good job with our group and made our time enjoyable. She was sensitive to the needs of the variety of people that were in the group and also able to answer any questions. Overall the experience surpassed any expectations I had and I can highly recommend Cumberland Caverns."

-Ann W.