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Adventure Tour

The Crucible

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Time: 3-4 Hours

Age Requirement: 16+

Group Size : Groups of 2-14

Turns out, the Devil’s Quarry is planted 333 feet below Cardwell Mountain in Tennessee — where cavers are summoned from far and wide.

And it’s no wonder why these brave adventurers travel to make this trek. Because even though the risks involve high-ladder climbs and a gaping hole in the center of the Earth, the reward is spectacular — and magnificently rare.

Tenacious cavers on The Crucible will scale underground canyons, cross Devil’s Quarry, and climb a high winding route to The Monument Pillar — a formation known by many but witnessed by few.

We HIGHLY recommend making advance reservations due to limited capacity. You must book online or in person at least 2 hours prior to departure! This tour requires reading a detailed description of the activity, signing a liability waiver release, and having the correct clothing/equipment, so planning ahead is critical. Adventure tours are not eligible for group discounts due to limited capacity.

  • Person climbing up a ladder
  • Person hiking down rocks within the caverns
  • Older woman climbing up rocks inside the caverns
  • Girl in Cave

Physical Expectations

  • Recommended for experienced explorers and thrill seekers in good shape
  • High, twisting rock climbs, ladders, boulder climbing and stepping over deep crevasses.
  • Winding canyon passage
  • Gloves, sturdy hiking shoes and long pants REQUIRED!

Tour Highlights:

  • The Monument Pillar
  • Ten Acre Room
  • Crossing the infamous Devil’s Quarry
  • The Isle of Confusion


Adventure Tour: $120 per person
Private Tour: $150 per person* (Private adventure tours only available weekdays, and must be booked over phone)
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*PRIVATE tour option is subject to availability.  Must call the reserve at least 10 days in advance

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Guts and Glory Information

The most amazing views in the cave are worth the work! Grab your courage and get ready to traverse the cave via handlines, high twisting climbs, and the highest ladder in Cumberland Caverns. See Monument Pillar and The Rock of Ages! $150 per person, ages 16+ only.

Time: +/- 4 Hours

Age Requirement: 16+

Group Size: Groups of 2-14

Higgenbotham’s Hollow Information

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Hall Crawl Information

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Age Requirement: 6+

Group Size: Groups of 2+

*Private tour times will be decided at booking

All tours are non-refundable