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Walking Tour

Discovery Walking Tour

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Time: 90 Minutes


Group Size : Groups of 2+


This one’s for the day-trippers and the road warriors. Those who just want to get out – out of town, out of the car, and out into nature’s most spectacular wonders.

Break up all those “Are we there yets” with the Discovery Walking Tour at Cumberland Caverns. Open to any-aged explorer, this adventure features a 90 minute walking tour through our world 333 feet below.

Experience the wonder of the famous light show, the beauty of the Hall of the Mountain King, and learn all about the natural world of caves.

If you have been to Cumberland Caverns before be prepared to be WOW’d with a brand new tour with MORE amazing information about our cave. This tour focuses on the natural parts of our cave (wildlife, geology, formations and basic discovery story). This tour will not cover all aspects of Cumberland Caverns. We have so many stories to tell that we have developed additional tours to give each story justice!

Please note that you must be checked-in for all tours a MINIMUM of 15 minutes ahead of tour departure time. 

We HIGHLY recommend making advance reservations due to limited capacity. You must book online at least 2 hours prior to departure! IF there are any spots left on tours that are less than 2 hours away can they only be purchased in person, 1st come, 1st served.

  • Person holding a railing within a cave
  • Interior of a cave with a lake
  • Mom and two kids smiling on the staircase

Physical Expectations

1.5 miles
  • Rocky, dirt surface with 350 uneven, natural stone steps and steep slopes to walk up and down
  • No climbing or crawling on this walking tour
  • Not handicapped accessible

Tour Highlights:

  • Stalagmites and stalactites
  • Tennessee’s largest Show Cave
  • Hear AMAZING Cave Wildlife Facts
  • Cave Geology Basics
  • Stunning formations
  • The Neverending Waterfall
  • Hall of the Mountain King Light Show
  • Historic Volcano Room from top to bottom, featuring the famous chandelier from the Loews Metropolitan Theater in New York
  • Lamons Loop


4 and Under: FREE
5-12 Years: $20.95
13 and Up: $28.95

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Lanterns & Legends Tour Information

Venture into Cumberland Caverns purely by lantern light...if you dare! Ages 13+ $29.95, Ages 8-12 $21.95.

Time: 90 Minutes

Age Requirement: 8+ years old

Group Size: Groups of 2+

Cardwell Mountain History Tour Information

Travel through our underground time machine with the Cardwell Mountain History Tour. Ages 13+ $24.95, ages 5-12 $16.95, ages 4 & under Free

Time: 45 Minutes


Group Size: Groups of 2+

Private Discovery Walking Tour Information

Bring your family and friends for a private VIP tour through Cumberland Caverns.

Time: 105-120 Minutes


Group Size: 2+

*Private tour times will be decided at booking

All tours are non-refundable