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Time: 45 Minutes


Group Size : Groups of 2+

This one’s for the history hounds and curious cavers. You need a break without breaking a serious sweat.

Break up the monotony and travel into a different time through our underground time machine with the Cardwell Mountain History Tour at Cumberland Caverns. Open to any-aged explorer, this adventure features a 45 minute walking tour through our world 333 feet below. This NEW tour avoids all stairs and dives deeper into the historical aspects of our cave’s discovery and exploration.

Learn the heroic feats of those that discovered the “Meat Grinder”; who some of those early cave-exploring pioneers were;  how cave dirt holds the magic ingredient for gun power (saltpeter mining); and about our founders and the iconic chandelier they installed on the ceiling of our World-Famous Volcano Room.

If you have been to Cumberland Caverns before be prepared to be WOW’d with a brand new tour with MORE amazing information about our cave. This tour focuses on the history of our cave and the people who made it possible. This tour will not cover all aspects of Cumberland Caverns. We have so many stories to tell that we have developed additional tours to give each story line the full attention it deserves! If you are more interested in the wildlife and rock features of Cumberland Caverns, check out our all-new DISCOVERY tour. If you would prefer a tour at your own pace, check out our PRIVATE tour option. 

Note: This shorter cave tour does not go to the back to see our light show and only sees our chandelier from ABOVE. 

Please note that you must be checked-in for all tours a MINIMUM of 15 minutes ahead of tour departure time. 

We HIGHLY recommend making advance reservations due to limited capacity. You must book online at least 2 hours prior to departure! Any remaining spots for tour times less than 2 hours away from departure can ONLY be purchased in person, 1st come, 1st served.

Physical Expectations

0.75 miles
  • All walking: Rocky, dirt surface with a few uneven slopes to walk up and down.
  • Must be able to stand for entire tour duration (45 minutes) – No places to sit during tour.
  • Not handicapped accessible.

Tour Highlights:

  • Detailed History of Tennessee’s largest Show Cave
  • Stalagmites and stalactites
  • Caving History, Caver Stories
  • Top view of World-Famous Volcano Room featuring the iconic chandelier
  • Saltpeter mining & carbide lantern information
  • Learn about Cave Conservation and Organized Caving (Grottos, the NSS)


4 and Under: FREE
5-12 Years: $16.95
13 and Up: $24.95

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LANTERNS & LEGENDS Walking Tour Information

Let's keep it DARK and see the cave by LANTERN LIGHT ONLY just like the early explorers. NOT for those scared of the dark or spooky tales! Ages 13+ $32.95, Ages 8-12 $24.95.

Time: 90 Minutes

Age Requirement: 8+ years old

Group Size: Groups of 2+

Hidden Gems PRIVATE Walking Tour Information

An EXCLUSIVE tour of Cumberland Caverns for your group! We schedule a special guide JUST FOR YOU so must be booked 10+ days in advance and is subject to availability.

Time: 105-120 Minutes


Group Size: 2+

DISCOVERY walking tour Information

EXPERIENCE THE NEW CINEMATIC SHOWCASE! This is a NATURE-focused walking cave tour that can be moderately strenuous with 350+ uneven natural stone stairs and steep hills. Ages 13+ $29.95, Ages 5-12 $21.95, Ages 4 & Under FREE

Time: 90 Minutes


Group Size: Groups of 2+

*Private tour times will be decided at booking

All tours are non-refundable