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Adventure Tour

Guts and Glory

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Time: +/- 4 Hours

Age Requirement: 16+

Group Size : Groups of 2-14

Have you ever traveled back in time — to the Quaternary Age, when wild lynx left their mark 333 feet below the Earth?

Guts and Glory takes you there; to a plot on the Earth’s timeline that transforms you into the cave’s original explorer.

It takes courage to time travel. But it takes real guts to traverse the cave via handlines, high twisting climbs, and ladders.

But as the original explorer, you’re prepared to give what you have to uncover this underground glory. And that glory, well, it comes in many different forms — from The Great Extension, the Monument Pillar, and the Blue Mud Mountain, to the Rock of Ages and undiscovered passages.

Thousands of years in the making, it’s all there — waiting to be uncovered; waiting to meet its first explorer.

We HIGHLY recommend making advance reservations due to limited capacity. You must book online or in person at least 2 hours prior to departure! This tour requires reading a detailed description of the activity, signing a liability waiver release, and having the correct clothing/equipment, so planning ahead is critical. Adventure tours are not eligible for group discounts due to limited capacity.

  • Person climbing up a ladder on a hiking tour
  • Girl in Cave
  • Woman using a rope to climb the side of a cliff

Physical Expectations

  • High, twisting rock climbs with deep crevasses
  • Tallest ladder climb in the cave
  • Traversing hand lines and ropes
  • Gloves, sturdy hiking shoes and long pants REQUIRED!

Tour Highlights:

  • Passages not seen by the public
  • Grand Hall
  • Great Extension
  • The Isle of confusion
  • Crossing the infamous Devil’s Quarry
  • The Monument Pillar
  • Blue Mud Mountain
  • 20,000-year-old Lynx bones
  • Rock of Ages


Adventure Tour: $150 per person
Private Tour: $180 per person (Private adventure tours only available weekdays, and must be booked over phone)
Click BOOK NOW to check our calendar!

*PRIVATE tour option subject to availability.  Must call the reserve at least 10 days in advance

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*Private tour times will be decided at booking

All tours are non-refundable