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Overnight Tour

Into the Dark

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Time: Overnight

Age Requirement: 16+

Group Size : Groups of 2+*

*Only applies if the minimum of 10 guests has been met

It’s a badge of honor—a grind for glory. And a daredevil’s holy grail. This is the (sunken) peak of all adventure—the time where your courage is both tested and rewarded with sights so spectacular yet magnificently rare.

Tenacious cavers on our Into the Dark Overnight Adventure will scale underground canyons, cross Devil’s Quarry, and climb a high wind to The Monument Pillar — a formation known by many but witnessed by few.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll march on into the dark. And rest beside other brave cavers to hum the tune of a warrior’s lullaby, knowing you put in a hard day’s adventure.

  • Undergroung Cave Tour
  • Undergroung lake
  • Man In Cave
  • Girl in Cave

Physical Expectations

  • Recommended for experienced explorers and thrill seekers in good shape
  • High, twisting rock climbs through winding canyon passages.
  • Climbing rocks & boulders and stepping over deep crevasses
  • Gloves, sturdy hiking shoes and long pants REQUIRED.

Tour Highlights:

  • The Monument Pillar
  • Ten Acre Room
  • Crossing the infamous Devil’s Quarry
  • The Isle of Confusion
  • Sleep inside a cave
  • Breakfast the next morning


Adventure Tour: $148 per person.
10 person minimum REQUIRED for Overnights. Min of 2 people required per adventure tour option.
Groups less than 10 call to add to nights where minimum has already been met.
At least 10-day advance reservation , or call 931-668-4396 ext 100 to see if there is still room to hop on a an overnight adventure this week!

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Lights Out Information

Grab your courage and get ready to traverse the cave via handlines, high twisting climbs, and ladders. Spend the night tucked away under the stalactites 333-ft below.

Time: Overnight

Age Requirement: 16+

Group Size: Groups of 2+*

Only applies if the minimum of 10 guests has been met

Muddy Mayhem Information

Perfect for the family and new cavers - crawl through muddy passages, ignite your spirit of adventure, and sleep under the stalactites.

Time: Overnight

Age Requirement: 6+

Group Size: Groups of 10+

Skylight Sleepover Information

Squeeze through tight passageways, traverse high-ladder climbs and end the day 333 feet underground, dreaming of adventure.

Time: Overnight

Age Requirement: 11+

Group Size: Groups of 10+

*Private tour times will be decided at booking

All tours are non-refundable