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Overnight Tour

Lights Out

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Time: Overnight

Age Requirement: 16+

Group Size : Groups of 2+*

*Only applies if the minimum of 10 guests has been met

This is the night where everything is tested: Your courage, your strength, and most importantly, your trust in the cave.

Lights Out is the overnight adventure that, physically, requires the best of you. But the rewards wonder and awe are far worth completing the challenge.

From The Great Extension, the Monument Pillar, and the Blue Mud Mountain, to the Rock of Ages and undiscovered passages, this is the night you’ll learn most about the cave — and even yourself.

You’ll understand the need for a cave campout when it’s all said and done. Because after you make this tiring journey, driving home just won’t feel like an option.

We HIGHLY recommend making advance reservations due to limited capacity. You must book online at least 10 days prior to departure! IF there are any spots left for an overnight less than 10 days from departure date you must call to book, 1st come, 1st served, at least two full days prior to departure. We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to check-in time, late arrivals may be refused entry. Overnight Package pricing is designed with groups in mind and are not eligible for group discounts. (You must be participating with a group of 10+ people or join another large group)

  • Person looking up at a rock formation in the caverns
  • Woman climbing up a rope on a cliffside in the caverns
  • Person climbing up a ladder in the caverns
  • Girl in Cave

Physical Expectations

  • High, twisting rock climbs & the tallest ladder climb in the cave
  • Traversing hand lines and ropes
  • Climbing rocks/boulders and stepping over deep crevasses
  • Gloves, sturdy hiking shoes and long pants REQUIRED!

Tour Highlights:

  • Passages not seen by the public
  • Grand Hall
  • Great Extension
  • The Isle of confusion
  • Crossing the infamous Devil’s Quarry
  • The Monument Pillar
  • Blue Mud Mountain
  • 20,000-year-old Lynx bones
  • Rock of Ages
  • Sleep in a cave
  • Breakfast the next morning


$180 per person.
10 person minimum REQUIRED for Overnights across all tour options, 2 person minimum per tour.

Full payment required to secure reservation, we can only hold the number of spots you have paid for.
Groups less than 10 call to add to nights where minimum has already been met by other groups. We do NOT allow solo travelers to join overnights due to the nature of these activities.
At least 10-day advance reservation, or call 931-668-4396 ext 100 to see if there is still room to hop on a an overnight adventure this week!

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Time: Overnight

Age Requirement: 16+

Group Size: Groups of 2+*

Only applies if the minimum of 10 guests has been met

Muddy Mayhem Information

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Skylight Sleepover Information

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*Private tour times will be decided at booking

All tours are non-refundable