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  • Visiting Cumberland Caverns was a much better experience than I was expecting. It actually started as we drove up to an orderly parking lot that was beautifully landscaped with flowering shrubbery and a beautiful fountain. The building where we checked in was also very pleasant and the young lady working at the desk was professional and gave good instructions. We were required to watch a short video before the tour began and it was well made. Our guide Vera did a very good job with our group and made our time enjoyable. She was sensitive to the needs of the variety of people that were in the group and also able to answer any questions. Overall the experience surpassed any expectations I had and I can highly recommend Cumberland Caverns.

    - Ann W.
  • Wow! Overnight Experience at the Cumberland Caverns, I highly recommend it! Though you can go on more challenging tours, just the basic overnight tour was super satisfying. The guide is great, and there is plenty of food. If you have never been on anything more than a 'regular' cave tour, it is plenty challenging enough, but not too difficult. Great value for the price. Bring knee pads!

    - Bill H.
  • I have been wanting to see the Caverns for years and my husband had a business trip to Nashville Tennessee so I booked us up with my mom to The Cumberland Caverns. It was the most exhilarating and beautifully wonderful experience. The natural beauty left me speechless and our tour guides Macey and Victoria made it an even more pleasant with their knowledge and great team work. We will definitely be coming back for the overnight stay.

    - Patrice R.
  • Had a great time with a couple of friends, it was just us on the Discovery Walking Tour and it ended up felt like a private one. Sebastian was our tour guide and he was awesome and very funny! Definitely a place to visit if you get a chance. I plan on going back sometime to try one of their adventure tours.

    - Alexander D.
  • Wonderful experience and such a beautiful place. Never imagined I’d find such a beauty in Tennessee! Big thanks to our wonderful tour guides Briana and the wonderful Mitch, knowledgeable and friendly.

    - Tyler Y.
  • Awesome to experience pure nature. It was a blast going through the entire course as it is very physical to go through the dirty climbs. We had a great pace that we even sat down for 20mins and told ghost stories in the pitch dark.

    - Harold T.
  • Our tour guide, Briana, did a wonderful job leading our homeschool group of over 10 families through the Caverns. She was engaging, hilarious, and so well informed. We all had a wonderful time! It was well worth the drive, and most of us spent time in the gift shop and in the gem mining station as well. It was beautiful. The best part was eating lunch in the cave as a group; it was such a memorable experience! Thank you, Cumberland Caverns!

    - Jenna J.
  • Awesome experience! Just amazing views and tour! They tour goes for about 1.5 hours and there are some steep steps but not crazy. There are railings for those who need a bit of assistance. Beautiful lighting that really shows how the caverns are so large.

    - Chris B.
  • An absolutely amazing experience. I am convinced that this is the best cave tour you can get in the United States. Justin was amazingly calming with our nervous guests and made great conversation with all of us keeping our spirits high through the Legacy Tour. The caves were beautiful and staying overnight underground is unlike I have ever experienced before.

    - Robert W.
  • Pictures can’t even do justice the amazing caverns. Macie was our guide and she did an amazing job of giving the history of the caverns. She answered all questions every one asked. Most importantly, we had a very diverse group and it was pretty good size and she gave everyone time to look, take pictures, move around in areas where space permitted. We were able to really enjoy the entire tour! Thank you Macie!!!

    - Karen R.
  • Best cave tour I've ever been on. Macie was our tour guide and she did an amazing job of educating us about the cave. Ran into Mitch and Nicole and they were very kind as well. All of the staff there were friendly and helpful. Brandon is a very hard worker keeping things running behind the scenes. The gift shop has many wonderful items that I'm looking forward to purchasing on my next visit as I hope to return often. The concert in the cave, Hits with Chicks was the perfect ending for the day.

    - Diane R.
  • "What a fun underground experience. I came out for a cave tour and ended up seeing a concert in the cave! I heard it was one of the largest caves in TN so decided to drive out. They have plenty of on site parking and several level options, to include the historic tour, which is good for kids of all ages. The tour guide was both informative and entertaining. A large cave is the venue for concerts throughout the year and luckily I came the day Sister Hazel was playing and was able to catch that on top of the tour! They have a decent sized gift shop where you start and end your tour."

    - Dewayne P.
  • Amazing!! My husband & I took the 1.5 mile tour. The cave is beautiful! Our tour guide (Josh) was great. We opted out of the light show because my husband's knees just wouldn't let him climb those uneven steps, and this was a bummer, but we did get to see some wonderful features of the cave. I would recommend this to anyone.

    - Delta H.