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Discover Cumberland Caverns, America’s Greatest Caving Adventure

With over 27 miles of passageways, incredible underground rock formations, beautiful underground waterfalls, and gleaming pools, there is fun for adventurers of all skill levels and ages.

We offer Discovery Walking Tours as well as EasyModerate, and Extreme daytime and overnight adventures.

Family and Tour Guide Standing at Cave Entrance Explore Cumberland Caverns

What to Expect - All Tours

The cave is a consistent 56 degrees with 99 percent humidity year-round. We have a variety of tours.

ALL tours are guided. You may not enter the cave without a guide.

Walking Tours are guided along the lit portions of the cave. These tours are where you will learn the most about the cave and see the beautiful, well-lit portions. Wearing comfortable hiking shoes is highly recommended as there are stairs and uneven slopes. Bring a camera to take lots of photos! (NO FLASH PLEASE) Chewing gum, food and drink, and laser pointers are prohibited.

Adventure Tours are guided tours where you wear a helmet and headlamp provided by Cumberland Caverns. These involve crawling, climbing and squeezing through muddy, dark portions of the cave. Caving participants may bring their camera to take photos (NO FLASH) at their own risk. Chewing gum, food and drink, and laser pointers are prohibited.

Once you are in the cave the only way out is THROUGH the cave.

What to Wear: Adventure Tours

While you gear up for these caving adventures, we recommend wearing comfortable, durable clothing that you’re not afraid to get a little dirty.

Bring a flashlight, wear long pants, and dress in layers. A t-shirt and sweatshirt usually work best. All explorers are required to wear lace-up shoes or boots, gloves and long pants.

Gloves are required! Knee pads are HIGHLY recommended.

Smiling Young Girl in cave

What will happen on the day of the Caving Adventure Tour?

  • Your group will arrive at Cumberland Caverns and assemble outside our gift shop.
  • Your leader will check in at the gift shop counter, confirm the number and names of all in your group, and receive final instructions.
  • Your Caving Tour guide will give the group instructions on safe caving, and then you're off to explore and discover the cavern.

*Special Note: Nature did NOT make the cave handicap-accessible. For everyone’s safety, no wheelchairs or strollers are allowed inside the cave.

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Helpful Hint: Don't forget to eat a light snack before arrival - you'll need the energy!

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What to Expect - Moderate + Extreme Tours

All adventurers will take a test crawl through “The Box” before each adventure. The crawl box dimensions are 14″ x 33″and you must pass through the box before embarking on the adventure tour.

Before beginning the caving tour, you will be suited up with an official helmet and headlamp. Gloves are required to participate in adventure tours. Knee and elbow pads are encouraged, but not required.

Man crawling through rocks to outside area of Caverns Kids walking through a narrow passage in the Caverns with hats and lamps on Kid squatting and smiling for a photo in the caverns Woman using a rope to walk up the side of a cliff inside the caverns

What to Expect - Overnight Caving Adventure Packages

  • You will carry your gear 1/2 mile from the parking area to the cave, so pack light! You will not be able to return to your car after we are inside the cave. Please make sure to have everything you need and can carry it in one trip.
  • Gloves are REQUIRED in order to participate in the adventure tour portion
  • Adventurers will not leave the cave until 9am the following morning and can not leave the cave without a guide escorting you out.
  • Eat a light snack prior to arrival (there is no access to restrooms during the adventure tours… it is a natural cave)
  • Dinner at the Cave Café may not be available until late, after you’ve completed your tour(s).

What do I need to bring on an Overnight Caving Tour?

  • Cash for the snack bar — We have credit card machines, but we are 333′ underground and sometimes technology does not cooperate. Outside food, candy, gum, and drink is prohibited.
  • A backpack or duffel bag packed with all of your gear.
  • Caving clothes: Sturdy, closed-toe, closed-heel shoes, gloves and long pants
  • A sturdy flashlight with extra batteries.
  • A small pack to carry a water bottle and extra batteries.
  • Change of clothes, socks, shoes, and a jacket. 
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes — You will get wet and muddy!
  • Sleeping bag, ground cloth (tarp, plastic), or mat. 
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Helpful Hint: You are staying inside the cave
overnight, so bring warmer clothes to sleep in.

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Helpful Hint:

We DO have electricity in the cave, so if you want to bring an air mattress and pump for “roughing it,” that will work just fine. There are limited outlets and most campsites will NOT have electric access. Please tell the reservation manager upon booking if you require a plugin for a CPAP machine, and we will make sure you are accommodated.

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