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Walking Tour

Private Discovery Walking Tour

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Time: 105-120 Minutes


Group Size : 2+

Discovery Walking Tour – but make it exclusive.

Bring your family and friends for a private VIP tour through Cumberland Caverns. A guide will take you and your group through the cavern on a Discovery Walking Tour with an added bonus — a trip back to the end of the 10-acre room to see the Devil’s Quarry by lantern light.

Guests on this extended tour will experience sights and discoveries previously reserved for adventure customers only.

No worries — you won’t be doing any crawling or climbing on this tour, but you will learn and see more than ever before on your private tour of the cavern.


  • Tour guide talking to a family outside the Caverns
  • Two kids pointing at stalactites inside the caverns
  • Kids Pointing at Stalactite in Cave

Physical Expectations

1.5 miles
  • Rocky, dirt surface with steps and slopes to walk up and down
  • No climbing or crawling on this walking tour
  • Not handicapped accessible

Tour Highlights:

  • Stalagmites and stalactites
  • Tennessee’s largest Show Cave
  • Lantern-lit tour extension
  • Stunning formations
  • The Neverending Waterfall
  • Hall of the Mountain King Light Show
  • Historic Volcano Room featuring the famous chandelier from the Loews Metropolitan Theater in New York


4 and Under: FREE
5-12 Years: $25.00
12 and Up: $45.00
10-day advance booking needed.

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Lanterns & Legends Tour Information

Let's keep it DARK and see the cave by LANTERN LIGHT ONLY just like the early explorers. NOT for those scared of the dark or spooky tales! Ages 13+ $29.95, Ages 8-12 $21.95.

Time: 90 Minutes

Age Requirement: 8+ years old

Group Size: Groups of 2+

Cardwell Mountain History Tour Information

A HISTORY-focused walking cave tour that is the easiest and shortest hike we offer. The floor will be steep and uneven in places, but no stairs! Ages 13+ $24.95, ages 5-12 $16.95, ages 4 & under Free

Time: 45 Minutes


Group Size: Groups of 2+

Discovery Walking Tour Information

A NATURAL SCIENCE focused walking cave tour that can be moderately strenuous with 350+ uneven natural stone stairs and steep hills. Ages 13+ $28.95, Ages 5-12 $20.95, Ages 4 & Under FREE

Time: 90 Minutes


Group Size: Groups of 2+

*Private tour times will be decided at booking

All tours are non-refundable