Cumberland Caverns is MOVING!!!

Come join us in the month of April before we start packing up the boulders and rounding up the salamanders, bats, and crickets for our big move closer to the city.

Our new location only has room for 23 miles of cave, so we have 7+/- additional miles we need to liquidate. Stalagmites, stalactites, water features, dirt, and columns–it all must go and at rock bottom prices! Beginning today, we will be accepting sealed bids on the remaining passageways and rooms. These 7 +/- pristine condition miles of cavern will be divided into 7 tracts for easier transport.

The 7+/- miles of cave system are all original and decorated by non-other than God himself–in the early creation style using only water, time, and imagination. These passageways boast beautiful views, gypsum formations, crystals, and spectacular water features. Any of these portions of cave would make a great habitat for your bats, hibernating bears, salamanders, and even elusive albino cave snakes.

Tract 1-3:

1.3 +/- miles of cave transcends the ultimate in ‘owning your own’ cave experience. Classic, early- discovery minimalist style boasts high ceilings, arched entryways and offers semi-smooth slab flooring and textured walls.

Tract 4:

1.2 +/- miles plays host to the most jaw-dropping horizontal views in the entire cave. This cozy passageway has a lot of potential with its earthy décor and would make a great man cave for any modern-day Neanderthal.

Tract 5:

1 +/- mile is the perfect starter cave and plays host to a historic passageway proudly named “Watergate Avenue.” This spot isn’t known for many secrets, but it is big on getting people talking about all your adventures.

Tract 6-7:

1.1 +/- miles of above ground cave will be divided and sold at a premium due to the rarity of an external cavern system with such incredible ease of access. Right now these tracts offer expansive, breathtaking views of the night sky, but depending on relocation-your view may vary.

All items are sold as-is and must be removed within 30 days. Bring help to load, we do not have the manpower to assist.


Make sure you prank your family and friends today!

Cumberland Caverns-where adventures run deep!