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Family Fun for Fall Break

Fun For Fall!

The leaves are beginning to put on those vibrant hues of golden yellow, vivid red, and fiery orange. The days are growing shorter and the nights have become chilly. Fall is officially here.

School children (and their teachers too) are looking forward to the wonderful respite of fall break. It is that last chance to enjoy the freedom of the few remaining warm days before cold weather arrives.

Fall break is a time for families to be off on a short get away or leisurely day trip. A time to slow down and reconnect with each other before the rush of the approaching holiday season.

If you are looking for something fun for the whole family, come see us here at Cumberland Caverns. Let one of our great guides show you around on our Daily Walking Tour 

In the mood to go a little deeper, get a little dirty and have a fantastic time while doing it? Then try one of our awesome Adventure Trips.

The Rocky Topper is for anyone 6 years old and up
The Higgenbothams revenge is for those 12 years old and up
The Parts Unknown will Wow! those teens 16 years old and up
So come on out to see us. Spend some family time together and create some unforgettable memories. It is always a great day at the Cave!