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The Grand Lady of the Volcano Room

Suspended sixty feet above the Volcano Room floor, she casts a beautiful glow throughout the room. She has dazzled many guest on tour with her loveliness, P1040652twinkled down on sleeping scouts and added ambiance to musical concerts. The Chandelier is the gem of Cumberland Caverns.

The Chandelier originally came from the Lowes Metropolitan Theater in Brooklyn New York. She hung there from 1928 until she was purchased by Roy Daves for Cumberland Caverns in the early eighties.

She weighs approximately 1500 pounds, has 150 lights, and is composed of several thousand crystal beads. She reaches over eight feet wide and is fifteen feet long. Now a priceless antique, she is a treasure to Cumberland Caverns and a beauty to behold.

To find out more about this lovely lady, we welcome you to come see her. We love to show her off.