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Cumberland Caverns Welcome HLN’s Bob Van Dillen

HLN’s Bob Van Dillen and Crew take on Higgenbotham’s Revenge

Cumberland Caverns recently welcomed CNN Headline News’s own Bob Van Dillen, when he and his crew came to take on the Higginbothams Revenge adventure tour for a recent segment of “Conquer This.” The popular weatherman and Cumberland Caverns General Manager, Robby Black, spent the day crawling, climbing, and laughing their way through the rugged and challenging terrain deep below Cardwell Mountain in McMinnville, Tennessee. The footage gathered from their excursion was shown nationwide on the popular “Morning Express with Robin Meade” program on May 9.

About the adventure, Robby noted,

“This is the only time a drone has been allowed to fly inside the cavern and the views from the many different perspectives it captured are absolutely fascinating. Working with HLN was definitely a fun experience. They love what they do, almost as much as we do here at Cumberland Caverns, and it shows in their quality of work and the comradely between the group. As always, showing people who have never witnessed the beauty of the cavern, or taken an adventure spelunking tour, is beyond gratifying.”

The Higgenbotham’s Revenge tour starts out taking you on a 1.5 mile trek across the mountain to a hidden entrance where you will begin the journey of a lifetime. As you make your way through the cave, you will witness some of nature’s most beautiful underground scenery, all while pushing yourself to new heights and gaining insurmountable confidence in your abilities. This tour is now being offered as an overnight package for you and your group to come and experience the wonders of a world hidden deep beneath your feet with the added bonus of spending then night inside the cavern.

Pictured above: Robby Black, Ryan Bergeron, Bob Van Dillen, John Rubenstahl, Keith Lovely Jr., Ferre Dollar.