Jack Daniel’s Distillery-Our Neighbor to the West

Our neighbor, Jack Daniels Distillery, is as synonymous with Tennessee as Nashville, country music, and Dolly Parton herself! The short drive through the hills and hollows to reach either destination is breathtakingly beautiful, and our connections may surprise you.

Each location was discovered in the 1800s, are deeply rooted in Tennessee history, boast magical caves, and both understand the importance of protecting our environment for generations to come.

Are you aware Old No.7, and all the whiskey Jack Daniels makes in Lynchburg, comes from one underground cave? Cave Spring Hollow, with its multiple layers of limestone, naturally impart a variety of minerals to the water and removes any impurities.

Statue of Jack Daniel at the entrance of Cave Spring Hollow Photo credit: Jack Daniel’s website

Cumberland Caverns has its own version of Cave Spring Hollow with our Neverending Waterfall. Following the same path through multiple layers of limestone, just as the cave in Lynchburg, this incredible formation has enchanted visitors for decades and has mystified scientists since its discovery. You see, dye tests have been conducted by the state and universities to see where the water originates from and flows to, but no route in or out of the cave has ever been determined.

Neverending Waterfall at Cumberland Caverns
Photo Credit: Sveinn Photography

During the War of 1810 and the Civil War, water from the falls was diverted to the first room of the cave and used in the leaching process of saltpeter, a key component in gunpowder.  Caves in Tennessee were also widely used by moonshiners, especially during prohibition. We have not found any evidence Cumberland Caverns was used to distill spirits, but early explorers to the cave would fill their canteens at the waterfall before heading out on their adventures.

So, the next time you are in the neighborhood, drop in and let us show you around and if you are at Jack’s place, tell them Cumberland Caverns says “hello.”¬†


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