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Cumberland Caverns Live Concert With Kip Moore and Muscadine Bloodline

Kip Moore and Muscadine Bloodline lit the cave UP Saturday night to a sold-out crowd for their Cumberland Caverns Live concert.   Fans poured in from all over the country to see these talented artists perform in a cave in the middle of Tennessee and they were not disappointed.

The world-famous Volcano Room, with its near-perfect acoustics and intimate setting, made it the perfect location for two groups who genuinely love their fans. Cumberland Caverns has welcomed a lot of great artists to the cave over the years and can attest, these were two of the best to ever grace the stage 333′ underground. And not just for their performance, but for the level of fan interaction and appreciation.

Kip Moore and one of his biggest fans, Laney

Kip was going for a “friends gathered in his living room to play music” vibe, and he nailed it!  The energy definitely had the feel of sitting around jamming with old friends in mom’s basement, and everyone was thankful to be invited to the party. I’m not sure why anyone even bothered with putting chairs out, because the crowd stayed on their feet dancing and singing the night away.

A birds-eye view of the Volcano Room as Kip Moore works his magic on 700 adoring fans.

Kip played a lot of fan favorites like “Beer Money,” “Hey Pretty Girl,” and “Something Bout a Truck,”  mixed in with music off his new album “SLOWHEART” and his fans never missed a beat, coming alongside singing backup. Kip was having such a great time, he played over an hour longer than he was scheduled!  No one was complaining and the party rolled on.

Muscadine Bloodline also brought their “A game” as well and left the cave with a bunch of new fans and followers. They belted out some incredible tunes and had the crowd in complete silence at times, hanging on to their every lyric and note.  Cumberland Caverns General Manager, Travis Young, had an opportunity to spend some time with the guys from Muscadine Bloodline and commented on “what great people” they are and how much he and his family enjoyed their music.

Travis Young, Cumberland Caverns GM, and his family stop to take a pic with Gary and Charlie from Muscadine Bloodline.


Those of you who were there, get it; you felt the energy and know the vibe. For those of you who weren’t, here is just a small sampling of the evening, that in no way does the event justice. Come see for yourself what everyone is talking about and experience the magic of 333′ below.