Parts Unknown Overnight Package


Difficulty Level: Extreme
Time: Overnight
Age Requirement: 16 and up (Valid ID Required For Proof of Age At Check-In)
Group Size: For Groups of 2 or more
Plan Ahead: 10 Day Advance Booking
Reservations: Book online or call 931-668-4396

This is one of our most challenging Caveman Campouts! Parts Unknown – Overnight involves high climbs, ladders, ropes, and a lot of guts. (You provide the guts). We only take explorers ages 16 and up, and only in groups of 2 or more. This intense spelunking tour leads you to a site that few get to witness in person, “The Monument Pillar”! Recommended for experienced explorers and thrill seekers in good shape.


  • Parts Unknown Extreme Adventure Tour
  • Sleep Inside the Cave
  • Breakfast the Next Morning

Please see the description below for full details. Book online or call today to reserve your memory-making adventure 931-668-4396

*Minimum 2 or more people / maximum 25 people.


Call (931) 668-4396 For More Information