Parts Unknown Adventure


Difficulty Level: Extreme
Time: 4 Hours
Age Requirement: 16 and up (Valid ID Required For Proof of Age At Check-In)
Group Size: For Groups of 2 to 14
Plan Ahead: 10 Day Advance Booking
Tour Time: 12:00 PM (Please call for more availability 931-668-4396)
Price: Adventure Tour $105 + Tax Per Person Private Tour $135 + Tax Per Person

You will begin your adventure by crossing the infamous “Devil’s Quarry.” This labyrinth of break-down and boulders is just to let you know this is definitively not a trip for the beginning caver. This premium spelunking adventure involves high climbs, ladders, ropes, and a lot of guts. (You provide the guts). We only take explorers ages 16 and up, and only in small groups of 2-14 people.


  • Crossing the infamous Devil’s Quarry
  • A high twisting rock climb leading to The Monument Pillar
  • Winding canyon passages
  • Crevasses
  • High climbs with minimal crawling and tight spaces

This tour will be available at 12 PM any day with a 10-day advance reservation. Please call and inquire about other possible touring time options if this does not meet with your schedule 931-668-4396. Please see the description below for more information about this extreme caving adventure.

Want a private tour? Call 931-668-4396 and ask about our VIP option.

*Minimum 2 or more people / maximum 15 people.

Call (931) 668-4396 For More Information