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Family Day at Cumberland Caverns reconnects families

Reconnect with your family while exploring miles of underground passageways during Cumberland Caverns’ Family Day, every Saturday

Are you looking for a new and exciting family activity? Do you want to make some special family memories? Take one afternoon and trade in your phones and tablets for flashlights and hard hats. Our all-new Family Day offers an affordable, exciting adventure the whole family will love.

At Cumberland Caverns, the forecast is always the same, a pleasant 56 degrees and no chance of rain (or snow)! We offer two great activities on Saturdays for groups of all ages and interest levels. Choose your underground tour and start making some unforgettable family memories today!

Easy Breezy

The Daily Walking Tour departs every hour on the hour. It is the perfect casual family activity to get you out of the house and creating special memories together. See stalagmites and stalactites, a historic 1812 saltpeter mine, a beautiful waterfall and gleaming pools.

Down and Dirty

Adventurous families will love our Rocky Topper Tour. It departs at 1 p.m. CST. It’s an underground adventure with muddy passages, tight squeezes and cave crawling! Also, your kids will love our world-famous “Ladders in the Caverns.”

During Cumberland Caverns‘ Family Day, kids and adults of all ages can experience America’s Greatest Spelunking Adventure. Don’t miss your chance to reconnect with your loved ones!

Located less than 10 miles from McMinnville, Tn., Cumberland Caverns is a U.S. National Landmark.