Things to Know When Planning a Wild Caving Trip

Caving Adventure Trip
The cave is a consistent 56 degrees with 99 percent humidity year-round. Helmets and headlamps are distributed upon entering the cave. Everyone takes a test crawl through “The Box” before each adventure. The crawl box dimensions are 14″x33″ and you must pass through the box before being allowed to embark on the adventure tour. Caving participants may bring their own photograph or video camera, their own helmet and additional light source. Chewing gum, food and drink, and laser pointers are prohibited.


Advance reservations with payment are required at least 10 days in advance. All participants must sign a release form.

Caving Adventure Trips Feature:

  • Hiking through “wild” portions of the cave
  • Climbing ladders
  • Climbing over rocks
  • Crawling on your hands and knees (some belly crawling)
  • Sloshing through the mud

What to Wear

While you gear up for these caving adventures, we recommend wearing comfortable, durable clothing that you’re not afraid to get a little dirty. Bring a flashlight, wear long pants, and dress in layers. A t-shirt and sweatshirt usually work best. All explorers are required to wear lace-up shoes or boots. We will supply your helmet and headlamp. Knee and elbow pads are encouraged but not required.

Operating Hours

Cumberland Caverns is open year-round with the exception of the following holidays and special events:

  • Closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Thanksgiving Day
  • Open after 1 PM (CST) on Easter

Caution Statement

DO participate in these spelunking/caving adventures if you have a sense of adventure, a thrill-seeking nature, and a need for physical activity.

DO NOT participate in these spelunking/caving adventure tours if you have heart or respiratory condition, knee or back problems.