Experience Cave Comfort-Hammocks

You asked for hammocks and we have delivered!

The 10-Acre Room has a new addition we think you will want to experience-hammocks!

Over the years, we have had many requests for hammocks to be added in the 10-Acre room to improve the comfort of our guests. Now, we have a limited supply of hammocks available to add-on to your overnight adventure. This off the ground, swaying addition will take your caveman campout to the next level of cave comfort. Hammocks are rented on a first-come, first serve basis.  More hammocks will be popping up in campsites over the next couple of months to help us better serve our caving friends.

What are some of the benefits of sleeping in a hammock?

According to Hammock Universe, here are 6 benefits to sleeping in a hammock:


A hammock will naturally move you into the ideal sleeping position—and keep you there. In this way, it can function a lot like a memory foam bed. A hammock isn’t going to let you roll to your side or your stomach, which could hurt your back. Additionally, your head will be slightly elevated above your body, which is ideal for restful sleep.


It’s been shown that sleeping in a hammock can help you fall asleep faster. Part of this could be due to the fact that you’re already in a comfortable sleeping position. It could also be the swaying, which does tend to lull you into a restful, relaxed state. If you often find yourself frustrated, tossing and turning, and unable to sleep, a hammock may be the perfect solution.


In addition to falling asleep faster, hammock sleep also tends to be much deeper. You can achieve REM sleep, which is the most restful form of sleep. It can take a while to get into a deeper sleep, especially if you have a sleep disorder. Deeper sleep can lessen anxiety, improve your focus, and increase your memory. Further, deep sleep tends to be associated with a better mood and improved work performance.


What is zero-pressure point sleep? A hammock is a zero-pressure point system, in which there are no specific contact points between the sleep surface and your body. On a hard surface, your body is forced to conform to the surface. With a hammock, the hammock instead conforms to your body, providing equal pressure throughout your body rather than creating pressure in specific areas.


Swaying is a particularly soothing action for most people. That’s why babies tend to fall asleep when they are swayed back and forth. Swaying will impact your brain waves, making you rest and fall asleep faster. Swaying can even help you relax even if you aren’t necessarily sleeping, making it possible for you to unwind from the rigors of a rough day.


Many people suffer from insomnia, which can cause a large amount of physical and psychological issues. However, it’s been discovered that hammocks can potentially cure insomnia, depending on the cause of insomnia. If you often find yourself unable to get deep, restful sleep and wake up frequently throughout the night, then a hammock may be able to help.


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Hammocks are available to add on to any of our overnight excursions for only $10 more. Please call 931-668-4396 to check on availability and reserve your hammock today!

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